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Leveraging Virtual Business Managers to Build Lists, Find Leads, & Talk to People

Many Entrepreneurs as well as Small to Midsize business owners are aware of the time-saving support they receive from outsourcing tasks to reliable Virtual Business Managers(VBMs), but did you know that you can hire a VBM to generate leads, close more deals and ultimately increase revenue for your business?

In the midst of running a busy company, especially as an entrepreneur, do you really have time to collect data, check contacts, create and maintain a database for leads? From managing the day-to-day needs of your current clientele to launching new products, many business owners despair at the daunting task of generating business leads.

Chances are, you have a multitude of methods you use to build your pipeline, from direct mail to website landing pages with opt-in freebies. This alone can be a full-time job!

A highly skilled and effective Virtual Business Manager will have the perfect blend of time management capabilities, analytical problem-solving skills, and thorough research experience required for compiling valuable leads targeted at your niche market, filled with customers that WANT to purchase your goods and services.

Instead, take back your time, regain hours in your day, and hire a VBM to do the heavy lifting for you!

In addition to generating leads, to get you started, below are some ideas of specific tasks for your VBM to complete, you can even create deadlines where needed:

(If you are looking for a powerful email marketing tool with landing pages, my recommendation is ClickFu


  • Cold Call potential clients (directly by phone or even email campaigns)

  • Manage Social Media pages (response to comments/creating post)

  • Maintain bulk email list

  • Develop compelling marketing materials.

  • Create an email sequence that sends correspondence to your leads from your lead generating funnels

Creating a well defined lead generation process that can be easily scheduled and managed by your VBM, helps you maintain a positive relationship with both new and existing clients, now and into the future.

Here are a few very important ways your VBM can help you generate leads:

1. Research to better target your prospects.

- What’s the point of having a hundred new leads if most of them don’t result in new business?

Task your VBM to conduct online research to determine how your services or products may interest.

Knowing more about a lead before spending time and money courting potential clients/customers.

such as the industry or company they work for (or rank within a company), services and products they prefer/offer can usually tell you if the lead is worth pursuing or not.

2. Database Management

Managing and updating your database regularly is one of the most important tasks in lead generation.

No database in place?

No problem, your VBM can build/create a lead database complete with client contact info full names, phone numbers, email addresses, websites and even physical addresses and help organize/maintain regular contact with potential clients/customers.

This allows you to send mass emails in a more personalized and strategic way.

3. Maintain Regular Contact with Your Leads

After creating lead generation funnels and building relationships on social media, it is important to maintain regular contact with viable leads to remain at the forefront of their sight lines.

Perhaps create a quarterly marketing plan combined with email, social media posts, and direct mail marketing to keep those valuable relationships intact.

How do you get started?

Well, hiring one of Savvy’s Virtual Business Managers can help you increase and maintain your sales pipeline, schedule a consultation call today and let's get you closing deals!

Schedule A Free Call Today! https://calendly.com/savvyvirtualsolutionsllc/discoverycall