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Outsourcing 101...

As small business owners, often times we find ourselves taking on roles which we never imagined for ourselves. This is especially true for small to medium-sized business owners, we quickly become the Customer Service Manager, Photographer, Copywriter, Social Media Manager, Graphic Designer, IT Manager etc.

Initially, it’s a lot easier to manage the assortment of business tasks. But once business picks up, you find yourself scrambling to keep up with everything. That's when outsourcing becomes really useful.

What is Outsourcing?

Outsourcing allows you to hire outside professionals to take on business tasks. This may include a wide variety of tasks. e.g. Social Media Marketing and Management, Sales Strategy, Process Improvement, Project Management Bookkeeping etc. The reason for outsourcing is to hand over the menial tasks to professionals so Business Owners can focus on growing their businesses.

The Pro’s of Outsourcing:

Saves You Time

By far the most valuable benefit. Outsourcing the menial tasks helps you to keep focused on your business strategy and growth.

Saves You Money

There are times when specific tasks aren't worth hiring a new employee. Tasks like bookkeeping, email management and social media scheduling are great task to outsource to professionals who specialize in that specific niche.

Improves Your Business

Hire someone who thinks strategically and specializes in the task you are outsourcing.

E.g. hiring a Social Media Manager to manage your company’s social media platforms will improve your online presence.

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